you are entering
the world of
Lorena Alessio Architetti

“You are entering the world of Lorena Alessio Architects a world made by memories, reflections, journeys through space and time, thus, enriching the perception of the present moments.
We live in the void determined by enclosed built spaces or natural environments;
the relationship between full and empty allows us to feel harmony, beauty, and sensation of well-being.
Our job as architects seeks this harmony.
Focusing on the making of spaces where individuals can feel immersed with mind, body and spirit.”


laa is an architectural firm based in Torino that has been internationally recognized and exhibited at the Biennale of Venice 2018. laa is distinguished by its multidisciplinary approach to masterplanning, architectural design including landscape architecture, interior design and brand identity, both nationally and internationally. laa has been cooperating with renowed architects worldwide. Each project is the result of daily suggestions and formal experimentations combined with technological innovation.

laa is partner of PAT/MYTHOS, integrated engineer company –


laa has remarkable skills in Architectural and Urban Design, with more than 20 years of experience. laa has a high capability of dealing with complex projects, working with several consultants and engineers. laa has competency in Design Management coordinating projects teams to achieve scopes of work and deliveries.
The competency blends with the creative aspects of the projects and assures excellent results in coherence and time.

Among laa clients we find: Idrocentro S.p.A., Saizeriya Co. Ltd., Enrich Co. Ltd., Asja S.p.A., REBA Hotel s.r.l. (with Kuma Kengo), Cap Gemini and Arthur Andersen (with DEGW), Ferrari S.p.A. (with Camerana&Partners), Atlas Peintures, Fondazione Salus Hominis, Chiesa Ss. Pietro e Giorgio, Comune di Accumoli, H.E.L.P. 6.5, TLH Hostel San Giustino s.r.l., JIA Tokyo, Urbana s.r.l., Gruppo Statuto S.p.A., Arcasia


Via Cernaia, 27 | 10121 Torino – Italy | +390115856341 | P.I. 07092450019