See you in Venice for the Architecture Collective

Lorena Alessio will be present at the event for the Manifesto dell’Abitare.

Scuola Grande della Misericordia, Cannaregio
02 – 16 July 2023
Tuesday-Sunday | 10-6
June 30th
Opening Cocktails and Previews
Friday | ore 6
01 July
Saturday | 10-6


L’Hotellerie è rosa. Case Study di progettazione al femminile

Lorena Alessio will be present at the Guest Lab 2023 event on May 4th, with the presentation of the female case study talk.



Muuz published Poply House

Poply House, the smart patented system by architect Lorena Alessio


THE PLAN published Offices and Showroom Vigolungo, Learning from the Orient

Lorena Alessio, after studying the Poplyhouse technique in Japan, designed the Showroom of the Vigolungo company with an innovative and sustainable method


Platform Magazine - Experimental project

Talking about Canale Vigolungo Showroom&Offices


Gobal Media News - PoplyHouse system

PoplyHouse System, Patent given by the Ministry of Economic Development – General Directorate for the Protection of Industrial Property

Talking about Canale Vigolungo Showroom&Offices


(𝗥𝗘)𝗚𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗥𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗥𝗜𝗘𝗦 - Road to Milano Cortina 2026

Lorena Alessio is moderating (𝗥𝗘)𝗚𝗘𝗡𝗘𝗥𝗔𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗥𝗜𝗘𝗦 to Milano Cortina 2026


Lorena Alessio, sustainable architect published in Batipole

Talking about Canale Vigolungo Showroom&Offices


MIPIM meeting in Cannes

14/03/2023 is the beginning of the MIPIM meeting in Cannes!

Since French, Marché International des Professionnels de L’immobilier, @MIPIM is an event specialized in the real estate sector for which I represent laa Lorena Alessio Architetti.

But I also participate in Cleantech & Green Building, a project promoted by @Regione Piemonte, co-financed by the Development and Cohesion Plan and managed dall@CEI the Piedmont Agency.


'Eremo del Silenzio' arrives at DDN Design Diffusion

In the March edition of Design Diffusion News issued a lovely article about LAA – Lorena Alessio Architetti, with a focus on the remarkable Retreat for Silence project. A design constructed entirely in interposed plywood planks without any joints, made practical for sustainable purposes, but also to facilitate the relocation of the structure to any natural peace haven. 


press Room di OGS dedicata a laa

laa Lorena Alessio Architetti has a dedicated area in the OGS Press Room where you can find projects, Corporate Profiles, dedicated Press kits and much more!!


Interni Magazine

laa Lorena Alessio Architetti is one of the professionals who represent Italian Design


Casa Naturale

Talking about Eremo del Silenzio


La Nuova Provincia Anche le api contribuiranno all’Eremo del Silenzio

Talking about Eremo del Silenzio



VILLEGIARDINI speciale Grandi Giardini Italiani

Talking about Eremo del Silenzio



Corriere Nazionale

Talking about Eremo del Silenzio



Talking about Eremo del Silenzio



CasaOggiDomani meets… the architect and designer Lorena Alessio.
For the LAA – Lorena Alessio Architetti studio, nature is something regenerating, fundamental. Having direct contact with smells, sounds and colors is what inspires each of their new projects. But the Studio does not only deal with architecture, in its works there are also art, technology and elements of interior design.



Talking about Eremo del Silenzio



Reportage PoplyHouse Vigolungo

Talking about Eremo del Silenzio in the projects section of SKY ARTE



Reportage PoplyHouse Vigolungo

Lorena Alessio designs with structural plywood, and explains a story that comes from afar. A story born by observing its use in a project by Hiroto Kobayashi, a Japanese professor and architect, who had used these structures to rebuild a shelter after fishing, with the collaboration of his students and the fishermen themselves, after the 2011 tsunami Today enriched by an innovative joint called PoplyHouse, currently under patent, to overcome the limitation of building a wooden structure using screws to fix the joints and bypassing the traditional construction methodology which required a lot of time to be completed. 
pages 46-49



Architetti anti bollette

Publication of a report on Pambianco Hotellerie in the special “energy consumption and hotellerie”



Camminiamo sul ciglio di un istante

Inauguration: May 14, 4.30 pm

18.00: Stefano Boeri talks with Lorena Alessio
Auditorium Palazzo Re Rebaudengo

Dates: May 14 – July 24, 2022
Palazzo Re Rebaudengo
Piazza Roma 1, Guarene (CN)


CIRCULAR ARCHITECTURE new balances between living spaces and use of resources

The conference on April 1st closes the first edition of the CIRCUL_AR Master, Circular Architecture.
Lorena Alessio presents the works of the workshop: CIRCULAR CLIMATE WORKSHOP.


Entropic Tōkyō

Entropic Tōkyō is a book about the city of Tōkyō. A journey towards understanding a multiform and chaotic metropolis that hides a profound human order. The book proposes a reading of Tōkyō that considers the city as a dynamic system of high complexity, that can be traced to a set of components. It also identifies a connection between the physical world of chaos theory and urban morphology, and tells of the multiple faces of the city (quantitative and qualitative elements of the landscape, physical and sociocultural concepts) that come into relation by manifesting themselves through the urban fabric.
By exploring the dynamic movements that can be discerned in contemporary Tōkyō and the solid structures that underlie its roots, the reader will gain new insights into the exploration of cities, new values that emerge not from their individual components but from their relationships.



For a few years, the return to wood in the building sector has led to a renewed interest in the design of prefabricated and dry structures.

This volume is dedicated to the design process developed by the laa studio (Lorena Alessio Architetti), whose research aims to identify sustainable and anti-seismic architectural solutions, which involve the use of wood, in particular plywood, without compromising the interaction with other materials.

In this sense, the story of the birth of PoplyHouse is emblematic: after the first experience of the Accupoli project, near Amatrice, the field experimentation resulted in the definition of the patent for a new joint, combined (for example in the showroom projects for E. Vigolungo SpA and Eremo del Silenzio) to the innovative structural use of poplar plywood, the rediscovery of which also contributes to the protection and support of the local supply chain linked to this tree.


LAA wins the 1st AESS AWARD

for non-residential / ex novo construction

Offices and showrooms E. Vigolungo S.p.A.

The 2021 Sustainability Award, organized by the Agency for Energy and Sustainable Development, is a national recognition that aims to enhance and disseminate good building practices.

This is a selection of projects already carried out in line with the construction principles of bio-architecture and energy efficiency: respect for and integration with the natural environment, control of energy consumption, the use of non-standard materials and techniques polluting and not harmful to human health, social and economic sustainability, technological innovation.

The Award, which is part of the activities promoted as part of the Bioarchitecture and Sustainability Week cultural event, is in its 9th edition in 2021 and concerns both ‘new construction’ and ‘building renovations’ in the residential, tertiary and commercial sectors and, for the first time this year, ‘public spaces’ designed with solutions based on nature. It was attended by individual designers, engineering or architectural technical firms and ATI, from all over Italy.



We are thrilled to announce that our new building CVC is opening today! The building designed with PoplyHouse system hosts E. Vigolungo S.p.A.’s new Offices & Showroom in Canale, Italy.
Through this project, laa explores the potential of the poplar plywood on the construction of prefabricated portal structures.
The whole process, resulting in designing of a new construction joint named – PoplyHouse – intends to apport considerable advantages in drywall construction. A project which combines technological innovation with sustainable architecture, develops a building that is sustainable during all phases of its life cycle: from production to assembling phases.


PoplyHouse Press

Discovering PoplyHouse. A project combining Italian poplar industry and Japanese woodwork tradition. Today we are on Corriere Torino – Corriere della Sera (p.9)


PoplyHouse Press

Made almost entirely of poplar, PoplyHouse is an experimental project immersed in the natural context between the hills of Roero and rows of poplars. Designed by laa – Lorena Alessio Architetti in cooperation with E. Vigolungo S.p.A. – on Comunità Montagna, UNCEM Piemonte (p.8-9)



Vivere, Lavorare, Muoversi: Nuove sfide della progettazione in Architettura e nel Design – Seminar moderated by Lorena Alessio and organized by The Plan, with the partecipation of Giuseppe Tortato – Giuseppe Tortato Architetti and Susanna Tradati – Studio Nemesi.

Public open space design in Tokyo urban environment: a historical overview.

Public open space design in Tokyo urban environment: a historical overview.


Japan from A to Z

Preface, illustrations, and photographs by Lorena Alessio, in the new small book published by disegnodiverso and written by Guido Montanari, “Japan from A to Z”, talks about Japan as perceived during a stay of two months.


Canale Vigolungo

The construction site of our CVC work in Canale has started. The project for the realization of a prefabricated building with modules in plywood marks our first collaboration with the company E.Vigolungo S.p.A. The building will host offices and showroom spaces and it is expected to open at the end of the year.



Retreat for Silence

A new project for the community of Montiglio and surroundings. The new project by laa combines prefabricated plywood elements with zero net energy buildings.



You can find our project for Atlas Peintures on CASA NATURALE magazine (XVI n. 108 – September/October 2020 – pp 108)

Accupoli - Accumoli, Italy

On the fourth anniversary of the earthquake that hit Central Italy, we propose Accupoli, a temporary Community Centre designed by Lorena Alessio with the Politecnico di Torino. A project exploring plywood structural potential

A+U n.586

Transit Oriented “Development and Management” article by Lorena Alessio 



Accupoli at the 16th Venice Biennale

In 2018 Accupoli was one of the projects selected for the Arcipelago Italia pavilion. In the same year the project received a mention from The Plan awards 2018.

26.05 – 25.11.2018


Negli ultimi anni, il ritorno al legno nell’ambito dell’edilizia ha comportato un rinnovato interesse verso la progettazione di strutture prefabbricate e a secco. Il presente volume è dedicato al percorso progettuale sviluppato dallo studio laa (Lorena Alessio Architetti), la cui ricerca si propone di individuare soluzioni architettoniche sostenibili e antisismiche, che prevedono l’utilizzo del legno, in particolare del compensato, senza pregiudicare l’interazione con altri materiali. In questo senso è emblematico il racconto della nascita di PoplyHouse: dopo la prima esperienza del progetto Accupoli, nei pressi di Amatrice, la sperimentazione sul campo si è tradotta nella definizione del brevetto per un nuovo giunto, combinato (ad esempio nei progetti dello showroom per E. Vigolungo S.p.A. e dell’Eremo del Silenzio) all’innovativo utilizzo strutturale del compensato di pioppo, la cui riscoperta contribuisce peraltro alla tutela e al sostegno della filiera locale legata a quest’albero.