Accupoli Community Center


• Exhibited Project at 16th International Architecture Exhibition Venice Biennale 2018 –  Archipelago Italia – Italian Pavilion 

• Mention at THE PLAN AWARD 2018

Accupoli is an experimental project, with a strong social impact, which indicates a moment of transition and rebirth for the Accumoli community. Accupoli is a Community Centre, born in the weak context of central Italy, in response to the social emergency after the earthquake. With our building, we aimed to contribute to the recreation of the sense of community. The anti-seismic structure of 185sqm has been designed to host events and public activities, offering opportunities for collective recollection. The building, designed with prefabricated elements, is characterized by the use of plywood panels (in okumé), which make up the load-bearing structure and internal cladding, and polycarbonate sheets for the external cladding, which favour the penetration of natural light inside the building. Accupoli is the first plywood structure designed in Italy and can be adapted to various emergencies where the speed of construction is a fundamental component. The combination of plywood with the use of CNC technologies allows us to have a dry, light, versatile, and reversible structure that can be easily assembled, disassembled, and recycled. The project is a collaboration between laa, H.E.L.P. 6.5 association and Hiroto Kobayashi Lab from Keiko University/KMDW. A project characterized by a strong social value has also involved Compagnia di San Polo, ACRI, and ANIEM Piemonte (National Association Construction and Manufacturing Business). Accupoli has been presented at the Biennale di Venezia 2018 (Arcipelago Italia – Italian Pavilion, curator Mario Cucinella) and received an Honourable mention at The Plan Award 2018.

year: 2016 – 2018 

location: Accumoli (RI) 

function: Community Center 

scale: 185 smq 

client: H.E.L.P. 6.5 – Housing in Emergency for Life and People 6.5 

construction cost: 340,000.00 Euro 

design team: Lorena Alessio 

Carola Novara, Francesca Turnaturi, Chiara Mezzasalma and students from Politecnico di Torino 

Technology in cooperation with Hiroto Kobayashi, Keio University/KMDW and Akira Suzuki, A.S.A. 

art director/graphics: Rosali Alessio design phases: preliminary design / project development / construction drawings / construction site supervision