Restoration of SS. Pietro and Giorgio Church

Restoration of an historically significant Important church of the 18th century, attributed by Benedetto Alfieri. Interventions on wooden roof, doors and windows; restoration of the interiors in accordance with the “General Direction for the historical, artistic and demo-anthropologic Heritage Office”. Stratigraphy helped in defining the applied materials analysis. The renovation followed a methodology based on re-using compatible materials and original colours.

year: 2010 

location: Piovà Massaia, Italy 

function: Church 

scale: ateliers 1 and 2: 300 sqm 

hospitality room: 140 sqm 

client: Church 

construction cost: ateliers 1 and 2: 631,000.00 Euro – hospitality room: 309,000.00 Euro 

design team: Lorena Alessio

Francesca Lupo