Mixity Masterplanning


• Honourable Mention ‘2012 International Urban Design Competition – Urban Re-development Project at Tainan Main Station Area – Tainan’, Taiwan, June 2012 

• Published in “Taiwan Architect” 2012/10 no. 454

The new Tainan Re-development Plan is based on a strong relation with the surroundings, thinking at the new Station Area as an enzyme bringing new life to the city. It will be a pleasant place for living, studying, relaxing, being absorbed into culture. Taking into account the cultural presence of several important Taiwanese monuments in Tainan, Mixity focuses on the relationships between traditional areas and the new development. Culture and innovation will find a blend with the presence of a new Museum of History and Arts of Tainan. Culture activities will be next to the Creative Industry Park, where an Icubator will find place. The station itself will host an important cultural and touristic info-center. Being Cheng Kung University Campus a leading center for culture and creativity, next to it a congress hall will be displayed. On the West side, a “Green Observatory” will host butterflies and flowers and it will be an indoor glass house between two parks, the Tainan Park and the Old Rail Park of Mixity. The new Park, is easily accessible and it is composed by five main parts. From North to South we find:

– The “emotional park” is next to cultural activities, such as congress centre, library, mediateque;
– The “tonic park” opens to public uses, for families, children playground;
– The “forest like park” with a dense palm zone, with water basin and open fields;
– The “urban activities park”, with a wide plaza open to activies;
– The “waiting and admiring park”, with fruit trees, such as mangos, and papayas, close to the bus terminal stations.

Intriguing bridges cross the park. They remind traditional bridges, such as the Sanxiantal-Bridge in Taiwan. An electric shuttle bus connects the site from North to South to the existing mobility system. A ‘stratified city’ starts to be in place, through the creation of several vertical layers of development. Keeping the height of 20 meters as the main level for a new horizontal public path. From it, higher buildings host new functions, both cultural, tertiary and commercial ones.

year: 2012 

location: Tainan, Taiwan 

function: commercial, offices, restaurants, residential, hotels, park 

scale: NA 

client: Tainan City Council 

design team: Lorena Alessio 

Marco Brizio, Monica Cazzamani Bona, Elena Abbate 

internships: Kako Irie, Stefano Scavino, Zhiwhei Zhu 

art director/graphics: Rosali Alessio 

design phases: preliminary design international competition