Gruppo Vergero S.p.A. Headquarters

The project for the Vergero Group’s new headquarters is intended to be both a manifesto of the company’s environmental policies and a powerful landmark that will remain firmly imprinted in the collective imagination. The forest and its various shades of green become a leitmotif of the project, representing the essential importance that policies linked to the green economy are assuming.

The project is articulated through 4 fundamental elements:

  • A system of walls overlooking Turin’s northern ring road
  • A building with a floor plan measuring 72×22 meters housing the company’s representative, administrative and management functions
  • A pedestrian path with a strong immersive effect
  • A winter garden rising between the architectural barrier on the office building and the offices themselves.

The idea of variety and compactness of the forest is mainly released in an imposing system of walls facing the ring road, which maximise the visibility of the new headquarters from the street side. The choice of walls follows ideal and functional principles. From a conceptual point of view, the wall is an important element that embodies the leadership of the company by clearly stating its logo and name. The system, with a total length of 300m, is divided into three parts, presenting different heights and curved surfaces in order to guarantee a dynamic image and increase appreciation from the tangential in both directions. This dynamism continues in the colouring of the individual elements that make up the walls. Each of these is designed as a mesh containing a system of metal elements which, like pixels on a screen, generate the image of the Group’s logo and name. The landmark function is accompanied by the desire to create a fundamental design device in the design and management of the spaces outside the main building. Thanks to a double-glazed curtain wall on the inside, the wall complex also acts as a sound barrier to ensure maximum comfort.

The entrance to the building is made explicit by a pergola structure which results in a gallery formed partly by a superimposition of metal elements defining an evocative environment and partly by a green bamboo blanket. This creates an intriguing and welcoming open space, which stretches like a continuous drape over the entire entrance area and creates continuity with the cladding of the new building housing the company’s future headquarters. Continuing along the covered entrance, one reaches the reception area – all 9 metres high – followed by a triple-height hall, which visually connects all the floors of the building: ground floor (gym, bar and refreshment area, relaxation area and access to the winter garden); first and second floors dedicated to offices; rooftop that hosts a private green terrace for the organisation of internal events, aggregative activities and representative meetings.

year: 2021

location: Venaria Reale, Italy

function: offices

scale: NA

client: Gruppo Vergero S.p.A.

construction cost: NA

design team: Lorena Alessio

Julian Chavez Rodriguez, Marius Ionut Beta, Çağkan Genç, Alessia Sciotto

graphics 3D: Giada Daga, Marta Bovio, Rosali Alessio

Design phases: preliminary design