Finger - Showroom, Offices & Warehouse (Settimo Torinese, Italy - 2011)

3,000 sqm of office building and showroom, in a peculiar site facing Turin hillside and the Superga Basilica; the partially cantilevered project poses on pilotis, defining the dialogue between the tectonic natural conditions and architecture. Pilotis are surrounded by a water basin, both with technical and aesthetical functions, eventually accepting the Rio Freidano’s flooding. Interventions on the Rio will be provided together with a new landscaping. Three buildings, stretching towards the hills, define the complex, being connected by horizontal and vertical passages. Specifically, one of the three volumes is in axis with Superga Basilica, favouring a special view. The architectural design interacts with the surroundings with curvilinear forms in front of existing buildings, and with linear forms when facing the hills and the natural setting.

2009 – 2011 Design Completed

Unimetal S.p.A.

arch. Lorena Alessio

Marco Brizio
Silvio Marsanic

Via Cernaia, 27
10121 Torino – Italy
P.I. 07092450019