Diamante Residential Design

Located in the historic center of Settimo Torinese City, the new building redefining the main square of the city and of its skyline. The volume is characterized by continuity between facades and rooftops, as a monolithic bulk, resembling a diamond. Bow windows come out of the bulk, looking at specific views of the Square and the City Council’s main buildings. The project looks for a dialogue with the existing buildings: revisiting string courses and proportions; the new design harmoniously connects with the adjacent buildings. The program hosts a commercial area on the Ground Floor and four floors for residential uses.

year: 2011 

location: Settimo Torinese, Italy

function: Restaurant 

scale: NA 

client: Private: Cribari s.r.l.

design team: Lorena AlessioVeronica Comba
Mattia Collo
Marco Brizio
Francesca Pollicini
Silvio Marsanic