Atlas Peintures Office, Showroom&Warehouse Interiors

Atlas Peintures includes the design of the exhibition interiors. The geometric order applies not only to the structure of the building, but also to the definition of the surfaces that becomes the main protagonist of the project. Color and light are the design themes adopted for the showroom interiors, guiding visitors in understanding paints and finishing.

year: 2020 – on going 

location: Fes, Marocco 

function: showroom, offices, warehouse 

scale: 2,900 sqm 

client: Atlas Peintures 

design team: Lorena Alessio 

Samuel Fiolis, Julian Chavez Rodriguez, Francesca Meineri, Francesca Di Nuzzo, Alessia Sciotto 

art director/graphics: Rosali Alessio design phases: preliminary design / development design / construction drawings