Affascinante Restaurant chain re-styling

Since 2013, Saizeriya has been an ongoing and successful project that started when the famous Japanese restaurant chain contacted laa for the restyling and refurbishing of their restaurants and the creation of a new corporate identity. This year, laa has been involved in designing more than 80 restaurants, successfully exporting the Italian style, art, and design in Japan. Avvolgente (enveloping), Affascinante (charming), Romantico (romantic): these are the three themes that identify different project solutions. Affascinante is losing ourselves into cities. We enter in new worlds, where we can go deeper in understanding them. From lighter colors to deeper ones. Recalling new world, new possibilities, the beauty of an “always changing” life. Background color is silver, like a new territory, a new discovering land, a fabulous moment. It can be a beautiful summer, a wonderful dinner. Printed images on tables redefine a new and shining space.

year: 2019 – 2020 

location: Tokyo, Japan 

function: restaurant 

scale: several restaurants 150-250 sqm 

client: Saizeriya Co. Ltd. 

design team: Lorena Alessio 

Julian Chavez Rodriguez, Francesca Di Nuzzo, Gioele Cammarere 

art director/graphics: Rosali Alessio 

design phases: interior and exterior design /preliminary design / development design 

n. 26 realized restaurants in Tokyo