PAINTMART (Casablanca, Morocco – 2020)

Paintmart is a place where the visitor is welcomed and guided in the choice of pictorial decorations. Space resembles a boutique composed of different areas: the exhibition space, a play area for children, a library of colors, technical offices.

The exhibition space is characterized by a series of furniture specifically designed and created to highlight the different products on display, creating a visual journey that helps the user in choosing the product. An outstanding and creative element of the project is the flooring, an integral part of the composition, which dialogues with the external façade. The latter will be made with customized stoneware tiles with printed surfaces.

2020 – In progress

Paint Mart Morocco

Lorena Alessio

Julian Chavez Rodriguez
Alessia Sciotto
Francesca Di Nuzzo
Giada Daga

Graphics: Rosali Alessio


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