MIXITY (Tainan, Taiwan – 2012)

International Competition
Honorable mention

Tainan City Council

Lorena Alessio
Marco Brizio
Rosali Alessio

Monica Cazzamani Bona
Elena Abbate
Kako Irie
Stefano Scavino
Zhiwhei Zhu

Urban Design, Station, Urban Re-development

The new Tainan re-development Plan has a strong relationship with the surroundings, and the new Station Area is intended as an enzyme which will start to bring new life to the city. The site will slowly develop all its aspects, to become a pleasant place for living, enjoying, studying, relaxing, immersing in the culture.

Tainan has a strong cultural tradition, and the new development will reinforce its peculiarities, thus, in a new contemporary vision. The new development will become an icon both for its urban design, open to the city, and for the environment, where many of the fabulous aspects of Tainan region will be revealed, focusing on the presence of biological diversity. Mixity is looking for new balances among architecture, life, nature, and culture. It will create an iconic landscape and skyline. Mixity will stimulate relations and reinterpretations of the surrounding areas. According to the environmental analysis, the new project will reinforce the concept of different areas in the city, characterized by interesting peculiarities and functions. The site enters into relations with:

– Neighbourhood living areas

– Cultural and Educational living area

– Cultural and Commercial district

– Leisure Area

– Recreational Areas


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