TLH – TORINO LUCE HOTEL (Moncalieri, Italy – 2018)​

The project is part of a process of urban regeneration that provides an innovative and contemporary concept for a new generation of travelers. It started from the reconversion of a residential building, including commercial areas, into a hostel. Located in an area undergoing severe degradation and poor economic development, TLH is the first relevant intervention that puts in contact the surrounding neighborhood and Piazza Bengasi, currently a construction site of the Torino Metro line.

TLH is a mix of private and shared spaces arranged on nine levels, where the ground floor communicates with the two lower floors, while the upper floors are designed to host rooms of various sizes. The ground floor turned into a space in which green areas and the city meet, creating a visual and physical continuity with the exteriors. The rooftop becomes an urban green roof hosting small independent units and shared spaces such as a lounge bar, a laundry, and an event space. The hostel has 330 beds placed in different types of rooms. On the façade, the combination of the prefabricated wood countertop, vegetation elements, and semi-transparent work as a filter on the side where the hostel overlooks the square, preserving the user’s privacy.

2018 – In progress


Torino Luce Hostel – San Giustino s.r.l.

Lorena Alessio

Attilio De Palma
Silvia Molinari
Julian Chavez Rodriguez


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