STILNOVOCITY (Taichung, Taiwan – 2013)

StillNovoCity is a private investment by a Taiwanese corporation for a mix-use facilities project. The inspiration comes from a series of images and concepts deriving from Taiwanese landscapes (rice fields and Chinese traditional architecture) and the Italian medieval cities configuration (such as San Gimignano and Assisi). The masterplan involves an area next to the new centre of Taichung, and it is connected to the bus terminal building, the main stop for buses running from the North to the South of Taiwan. The concept evokes hilly landscapes giving a strong emphasis to public spaces, green areas, and parks adjusted following a vertical distribution. The site covers an area of 8 hectares with a floor area ratio of 500%, containing:

– Bus Terminal Station (15,000 sqm)

– Commercial Centre, with cinema complex and fine dining (130,000 sqm)

– 5 stars Hotel and Serviced Apartments

– 4 stars Hotel and Parity Apartments

– Offices, Business Center

– Housing

– Parking

– Parks, plazas, and gardens.

Great attention is given to the terminal bus station, designed to become a landmark for Taichung. Where the bus station and waiting area find the place, there are openings allowing light and green to enter up to thirteen meters underground, creating a strong connection with the rest of the city. A glass façade brings light to the basement while defining an outstanding and impressive entrance. Through continuous external path, people can walk from the basement to rooftops, crossing rice fields, terraces with relaxing spots, coffee places, and restaurants. The rooftops are designed to host several activities (relax and restaurant areas, garden, plazas). People can enter shops, office buildings, and hotels from different outdoor paths, placed on each floor. It guarantees access and control. The main tower, 300 meters high, has a podium as part of the garden and a place for gathering.

The area also includes waterways and waterfalls to mitigate the high temperatures typical of the place.

Selected Project
The Plan Award 2015

Enrich Corporation

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