SAIZERIYA - Brand Identity(Tokyo, Japan - 2013)

2015 – Complete

Saizeriya Co. Ltd.

Lorena Alessio
Rosali Alessio

Marco Brizio
Silvio Marsanic
Elena Abbate
Chiara Brusati
Veronica Comba

Corporate Identity, Graphic, Interior Design, Re-styling,
Restaurant chain

Re-styling of Saizeriya restaurants. The project com­prises a manual “Corporate Identity Guidelines” and a first prototype. Considering the number of exi­sting restaurants (more than 1,000) the renovation will take a period of time. The restaurant prototype has been developed for testing clients’ appreciation, cost, and quality control. The project develops a new concept of Italian identi­ty expressed through a re-interpretation of four main Italian landscapes and their colors: the Mediterranean, olive tree groves, wheat fields, grape fields. 

A strong interrelation between graphics and architectural de­sign helps to define a unique concept, a warm and fresh atmosphere in the ambient. Coherent Graphics have been designed for wall and panel images, signages, and objects.


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