SAIZERIYA Avvolgente (Tokyo, Japan – 2019) ​

Since 2013, Saizeriya has been an ongoing and successful project that started when the famous Japanese restaurant chain contacted laa for the restyling and refurbishing of their restaurants and the creation of a new corporate identity. This year, laa has been involved in designing 26 restaurants, successfully exporting the Italian style, art, and design in Japan. Avvolgente (enveloping), Affascinante (charming), Romantico (romantic): these are the three themes that identify different project solutions. They are a journey through sensations, emotions, and memories deriving from the time spent in Italian houses and cities. A story echoing from the wallpapers to the furnishing has been designed taking inspiration from the colours, shapes, and views typical of the Italian landscapes. Saizeriya is a restaurant for families, young people, and adults, a space leading the visitors towards new scenarios through wallpapers, background panels, and shining surfaces. An encounter between two cultures wisely blended through the architectural language. 

“Restaurants with AVVOLGENTE theme are inspired by the time I spent with my relatives at my grandmother house. Memories and atmospheres mix into the environment. Walls are covered by flowers colored with light pink and white, red and white, blue; and stronger images of iconic gardens recalling exterior spaces.The restaurants offer a relaxing space where enjoying meals between families, adults and kids.

Avvolgente is like the essence of a garden, my grandmother garden, but also the living room at her house. Wallpaper recall her roses, light nuances. When into the restaurant, background colors at walls become greener, we are into her garden. The garden has views (the wallpaper at the angle); the living room has mirrors doubling the space, but also enlarging time with
memories. Memories are enclosed in frames, small and large frames of old times. Lighting too, reflects and deforms space: space is glam, is glamour, is feeling. Printed images on tables recall her living room curtains with an added glam, shining light: memories of all the parties we shared with my relatives”.

2019 – In progress

Saizeriya Co. Ltd.

Lorena Alessio
Rosali Alessio

Julian Chavez Rodriguez
Francesca Di Nuzzo
Gioele Cammarere


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