RETREAT FOR SILENCE (Montiglio Monferrato, Italy – 2020)

Located in the countryside of Montiglio Monferrato, in Piedmont, there is a hermitage self-sufficient in energy and water. The building, designed to be a place of meditation, is the third project by laa studio that explores the structural capacity of plywood, introducing the new topic of self-sufficient housing modules (zero energy consumption).

On the outside, there is a strong reference to religious Romanesque architecture; on the inside, space offers an intimate atmosphere for meditation and prayer.

From a structural point of view, a series of original technological solutions make the hermitage self-sufficient and technologically innovative. The structure includes the insertion of photovoltaic panels (with storage battery) and solar thermal panels on the roof for electricity and hot water generation. The collection and treatment of rainwater through channels and tanks integrated into the structure, fully cover the water demand of the building. Prefabricated insulation packages guarantee excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The result is an extremely flexible building, 100% powered by renewable resources, easily disassembled, and reassembled in any geographical context.

2020 – In progress

Fondazione Salus Hominis

Lorena Alessio

Samuel Fiolis
Julian Chavez Rodriguez
Alessia Sciotto


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