TLH – Moncalieri Hostel

Client: Private: Torino Luce Hostel – San Giustino s.r.l.

Design: Preliminary Design, Project Development, Construction Drawings, Site Construction Artistic Supervision, Project Coordination (Design Management)

Architect: Lorena Alessio

Design Team: Attilio De Palma, Silvia Molinari

Chronology:   Preliminary Design – 2018

Project Development – on going

Location: Moncalieri, Torino, Italy

Built Area: 4,600.00 smq

Construction Cost: 5,500,000.00 Euro (completion of construction works – June 2020)


Starting from a reconversion of a residential and commercial building into a Hostel, the project provides an innovative and contemporary concept for a new generation of travelers.

The Hostel has a unique image with different kind of functions melting into each other.

TLH Hostel is plenty of private and shared spaces, going from Ground Floor to B2, where different common spaces take place, such as Restaurant, Cafè, Events/Working/Relax Areas.

The rooftop is hosting an annex to the existing building: five small units creating 10 new rooms.

Part of the rooftop is an open and shared space with a big Terrace, Sauna, and Outdoor Event Space.

The room type floor has double rooms, 4 – 6 – 8 bed bunks.

The total beds number is 360.

The façade will be completely re-furbished with double height spaces hosting greenery, trees, extra rooms spaces, solar and green houses.

Sustainability will be a key factor for the redevelopment and the chosen materials into the Hostel.

Special relation has been created between Piazza Bengasi, Corso Roma and the courtyard: from Ground Floor wide voids permit views and lights into B2.

Restaurant/Event Area at B2, has light from two sides of the building and a generous height defines an impressive space.