Re-development of Squares’ System Canelli, Italy

alessiostudio, on invitation of Polytechnic of Turin and Canelli City Council, has organized an international workshop for a squares’ system re-development in Canelli center.

The workshop represents a second stage of a previous job, where alessiostudio and Polytechnic of Turin worked in 2008, with 8 Italian students and 7 students of the M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) developing visions for a future Canelli.

The workshop focused on the realization of a project for urban re-development, with particular attention to public places and a more detailed project of Piazza Cavour, as emblematic and a bary-centered plaza.

The plaza has been thought not only as place of aggregation, but also as an important ‘door’ to the Canelli historical context and its hilly territory.

The construction of the project ended in early 2013.

Workshop Re-development of Squares' System Canelli, Italy
Canelli City Council
Canelli, Italy
  • Chronology
  • Construction
    ended in 2013
Lorena Alessio, Architecture. David Terracini, Landscape. Giuseppe Alifredi, Traffic System.