Client: Masterplanning and Architectural Competition promoted by ‘Agenzia del Demanio’ in collaboration with Torino City Council

Design: Preliminary Design

Architect: Benedetto Camerana (Camerana & Partners), Alfonso Femia (Atelier(s)), Milan Ingegneria s.r.l, For Engineering Architecture, Lorena Alessio (lorenaalessioarchitetti)

Design Team: Silvia Molinari, Jacopo Donato

Chronology: 2018

Location: Torino, Italy

Built Area: 27,700.00 smq


Ex-Caserma Amione Masterplanning and Architectural Competition asked for a

program with contemporary solutions for the future new public headquarter of Turin

City Council.

Being inserted in a semi-central area of Turin, the competition asked for a deep study

about the relation of the new buildings with the neighborhood for a complete

integration. It also recalled for a well-thought relationships with the existing building

to be maintained.

Most of the existing buildings could be removed with the exception of the most

historical one.

Located in an ex-industrial area, the proposal recalls the historical industrial shed

hosting office buildings.

Some of them have wide open spaces for lobbies, waiting areas, distribution spaces,

but also functions as space with micro-climate.

Moreover, on different levels stairs connect conference rooms and informal meeting

spaces, enhancing the capacity of physical and visual connection among different


laa has specifically worked on the office space concept and lay-out.

While designing the office space, high consideration has been posed on the people

psychological and physical comfort.

Correct use of natural and artificial light has been defined, screening glassed façade

and carefully considering use of lights and shadows.

Views on gardens and green spaces are widely provided to increase visual relation

with nature and open spaces.