Courmayeur Hotel Project

Client: Reba Hotels s.r.l.

Design: Preliminary Design, Project Development, Construction Drawings, Site Supervision, Project Coordination (Design Management)

Architect: co-signed Kengo Kuma and Lorena Alessio

Design Team: Attilio De Palma, Silvia Molinari, Claudio Baravalle, Fabio Vignolo

       Preliminary Design, Project Development: 2017

       Construction Permit: 2018

       Construction Drawings: 2018 – on going

Location: Courmayeur, Italy

Built area: 8,000.00 sqm

Construction Cost: 20,000,000.00 Euro

The new project and the creation of the new Palace Bron Hotel aims to create a contemporary architecture structure well embedded in the architectural tradition of the Valle D’Aosta region.

The project is the result of a co-design between Lorena Alessio, Italian architect and Kengo Kuma, the very well-known and appreciated Japanese architect.

The concept is recalling a special sense of beauty, where Japanese delicateness and Italian atmosphere melt into a unique design.

The emphasis of this project focuses on the connection with the surrounding, such as mountains and the breath-taking natural setting.

The project involves the use of local and sustainable materials, as a continuous relation with the naturalistic surrounding, still defining a highly contemporary building.

In fact, the exterior facade is featured by having long natural larch boards vertically positioned defining a unique aspect of the building and guarantying interior privacy.

Most of the hotel rooms enjoy an overview at the beautiful Mount Blanc, while others overlook an intimate larches wood.

Rooms are supplied with small cosy private spas and they are characterized by having different themes to meet the client’s comfort and requirements. The themes are: sport, party and family.

The building is composed like a “chest”, surrounded by nature and designed to blend with the woods in order to define a coherence and continuity of sensations, direct relation with nature, relaxation, surprise, and involving different forms of beauty and art.