Lorena Alessio

Lorena Alessio studied Architecture from the Turin Polytechnic. She specialized in Urban Design at Oxford Polytechnic, held a master’s degree at Pratt Institute of New York, and a Ph.D. at the Nihon University of Tokyo thanks to a Monbusho Scholarship. From 1998 to 2016, she taught Architectural Design at several universities in Italy, Japan, and South Korea, and worked as a Researcher at the Architecture and Design Department from the Turin Polytechnic.

Being an attentive promoter of quality in architecture, she worked with internationally renowned architects, organized conferences, exhibition and collaborated with Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. Always passionate about Japanese culture, she has supervised several publications about Japanese architecture, including Shigeru Ban and Toyo Ito monographs. In 2016 she was named Associated Professor at Hosei University, Tokyo.

She has been operating worldwide with her laa–lorenaalessioarchitetti studio, working on Master Planning, Urban, and Interior Design. Among her main works, it is worth mentioning the StilNovoCity Masterplan in Taichung (Taiwan), the re-styling, and re-furbishing of the Japanese restaurant chain Saizeriya, the Community Center “Accumoli” for the city of Accumoli, presented at the Italian Pavilion at Biennale di Venezia 2018.



laa lorenaalessioarchitetti

Via Cernaia, 27
10121 Torino – Italy
P.1. 07092450019

laa@ L.A.Lab
Taichung, Taiwan

New York, U.S.A.

laa lorenaalessioarchitetti

Via Cernaia, 27
10121 Torino – Italy
P.1. 07092450019


16th Biennale di Venezia

Accupoli – Accumoli (IT)
Arcipelago Italia – Italian Pavilion (Mario Cucinella Curator) – Selected project,

The Plan Awards – Persprective

Accupoli – Edificio Innovativo
Honorable Mention


IN/ARCH – Architecture: energy for Made in Italy (with the Italian Ministry of Economical Development)

Mixcity, StilNovoVity, Saizeriya

Italian Ministry of Economic Development book

Korean Institute of Architects and UIA

“100 Architects of the year 2015” 


Korean Institute of Architects and UIA

“100 Architects of the year 2014”


2012 International Urban Design Competition

Urban Re-devolpemnt Project at Tainan Main Station Area – Taiwan
Honorable Mention

Reale Mutua

Torre Vittoria Restaurant and Coffe bar – Torino (IT)
Winning Team Architectural Competition (with Benedetto Camerana)

Ferrari S.p.A. Re-styling retail space Winner Architectural – Maranello (IT) Competition (with Benedetto Camerana)



Re-development of ex-Fiera Milano Area – Milano (IT)
Winning Team Architectural Competition (ArchA)


Design Cafè – Epat 

Community bar (IT)
Mention (with Franco Rolle)



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