LAA is a Turin-based Architect’s firm, with partner offices in Taichung (Taiwan) and New York (U.S.A.). We put the same passion when we deal with small scale projects as well as big ones. We have gained international experience operating worldwide. We specialize in providing innovative architectural solutions together with intense research activity and mindful observation of reality.

We always try to enrich projects by adding some “poetry” through the design of spaces rich in details able to involve and attract people.

Lorena Alessio – Founder and Principal

Lorena studied Architecture from the Turin Polytechnic. She specialized in Urban Design at Oxford Polytechnic, held a master’s degree at Pratt Institute of New York, and a Ph.D. at the Nihon University of Tokyo thanks to a Monbusho Scholarship. From 1998 to 2016, she taught Architectural Design at several universities in Italy, Japan, and South Korea, and worked as a Researcher at the Architecture and Design Department from the Turin Polytechnic.

Dubravka Antic – New York office

Dubravka is an architect with 25 years of professional experience. She worked for large corporate firms (KPF, Rafael Vinoly) as well as mid-size design-oriented firms (Rogers Marvel, GKV) in positions of project designer, project architect as well as project manager gaining experience in all phases and aspects of architectural practice. Through her experience in interior architecture Dubravka has developed exceptional design, technical and management skills which allow her to clearly communicate the design effort to clients and all parties involved. 

Julian Chavez Rodriguez  – BIM Specialist

Born in Colombia, Julian is an architect who graduated at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, and he got a bachelor’s in architecture in 2012. After different working experiences in Bogotà, he moved to Italy and graduated from the Turin Polytechnic and obtained a master’s in Architecture in 2014. Julian is proficient in BIM/Revit and Architectural Design. Julian is a Spanish native speaker, fluent in Italian and English.

In his free time, he loves painting and playing drumsb

Alessia Sciotto  – Junior Architect

Alessia is an architect with a master’s degree in Sustainable Design at the Politecnico di Torino (2020). She took part in several international workshops and had working experiences in Shanghai, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, and Liège. Highly passionate about research during her studies, she wrote many essays about historical and theoretical subjects of architecture in different languages. She graduated with a commendable thesis on Pier Luigi Nervi’s unpublished industrial works in Tuscany. Alessia is an Italian native speaker, fluent in English, French, and Spanish.

In her free time, she is a freelance writer for music webzines and a collage maniac.

Rosali Alessio – Graphic Designer

Rosali graduated at the University of Turin in Science of Communication in 2000 and specialized in Graphics and DTP. Rosali worked for different publishing companies, and in 1999 founded Alessiostudio, working on communication, graphics, and events design. From 2002 to 2005, she worked as a consultant for Turin Agency 2006, and she was responsible for the organisation and promotion of exhibitions, fairs of the Turin Olympic projects, as well as the coordination of virtual models, renders, and videos. Rosali is the founder and a member of the House of Arts and Architecture (Casartarc) 2006-2011. Since 2007, she has been a member of the ADCI Art Director Club Italian. Since 2010, she has been a member of ADC’E and AIAP Italian association for the visual communication design.

Currrently She mainly deals with HOLISTIC treatments and in her free time she is an excellent cook and meditates.

Giada Daga – Social Media Manager

Giada is a designer who graduated in Ecodesign at the Politecnico di Torino (2017). Winner of a Research Grant, she worked as a researcher in the renewable energy field, focusing on the study and development of Plant Microbial Fuel cell systems. Her interest ranges from interior design to digital content creation, with special attention to environmental sustainability issues. Giada is an Italian native speaker, fluent in English.

In her free time, she performs at the theatre, and she plans photograph shootings and travelling.

Marta Bovio – Researcher

Marta is an architect/designer with a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Sciences from Sapienza University of Rome and a master’s degree in Systemic Design at the Politecnico di Torino (2019). Passionate about research and the socio-cultural aspects of territories, she has dedicated herself to sociological projects of territorial enhancement, experimenting opportunities for participatory planning with communities. She is currently collaborating as a trainee with the Department of Architecture and Design of the Turin Polytechnic on a European project aimed at finding new solutions about circular economy for rural areas. Marta is an Italian native speaker, fluent in English.

In her free time, she explores little villages bringing with her a camera and a good book.

Previously with LAA

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