FERRARI (Maranello, Italy - 2011)

Design and development of the new amazingly lavish and elegant commercial spaces in the Ferrari Maranello historical factory, right where Enzo Ferrari in person had started producing sports cars since 1947. Locations for the Hospitality Factory Tour and the Atelier 1 and 2 have been selected after a shortlisted consultation. Atelier 1 and 2 are two twin lounges next to each other, where Ferrari clients are shown the model they want to buy. The latter is displayed in a large room surrounded by all kinds of color samples, fittings, and accessories to be selected to fit their personalized purchase.

The team answered Ferrari’s aspiring requests for Atelier spaces with a strong corporate customized interior design, at the same time highly sensual and technically innovative. On one side, there are the exciting and winding red leather display walls conceived as an off-scale Ferrari interior. On the other side, the amazingly effective lighting system, based on a large double-layered ceiling, from which originates a diffused light led strip (alternatively warm and/or cold) that spreads spotlessly over car bodywork.

All design details have been perfectly transformed by Italian contractors selected and proposed by laa/BC(C&P).


Ferrari S.p.A.

Lorena Alessio with / con Camerana Associates

Rosali Alessio
Marco Brizio
Simona Della Rocca
Fabio Vignolo
Silvio Marsanic
Rosali Alessio
Kim Dong Woo
Park Yeoh Ho


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