EX PALACE BRON (Courmayeur, Italy – 2018)

2018 – In progress

Reba Hotels s.r.l.

Lorena Alessio with Kengo Kuma Associates

Attilio De Palma,
Silvia Molinari,
Julian Chavez Rodriguez
Claudio Baravalle,
Fabio Vignolo

Hotel, SPA, Redevelopment

Palace Bron Hotel creates a contemporary architecture combining Japanese elegance and the Italian atmosphere. It results from the collaboration with Kengo Kuma, the famous Japanese architect. The design of the hotel involves the use of local and sustainable materials, defining a strong and continuous relation with the surroundings, especially with the architectural tradition of the Valle D’Aosta Region.

The exterior facade is featured by having long natural larch boards vertically positioned, giving a unique aspect to the building and guaranteeing interior privacy. Most of the hotel rooms enjoy the view of the beautiful Mont Blanc, while others overlook an intimate larches wood. Rooms are furnished with small cozy private spas, and they are characterized by having different themes (sport, party, family) to meet the client’s comfort and requirements.

Therefore, the building assumes the identity of a nest surrounded by nature. It is designed to blend in with the trees and defines an intimate and suggestive environment that creates a sense of surprise and involvement.



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