ENLIGHTING (Taichung, Taiwan – 2013)​

The project aims to define a strong identity of the new cultural center for Taichung City and its Metropolitan Area. The site is characterized by an architectural design that merges into landscape and dialogues with the urban areas. It is a place of culture, of sensations, a framework for the growth of mind and spirit.

The heart of the CULTURAL center is the common area between the public library and the fine arts museum. There you find new green areas, water basins, and views on the park and the city. We call it the LANTERN ambiance, as a setting for improvement, learning, thinking, sharing ideas. Layers of transparencies envelop the cores of culture: books and art objects. The reading areas and the museum’s corridors are ambient of spatial and lighting experiences. One of the main focuses of the project is the connection between the park and the city. The two merges thanks to a new landscape defining visual and physical links at different levels with the surroundings. An open-air sculpture garden and a series of water basins and green areas are close to the Wave-making pool (used for the making of the masterpiece ‘Life of Pi’). Visual and physical corridors connect the city to the park and new areas (restaurants, meeting rooms, and exhibition areas). A raised area offers breath-taking views on the park and the project, and all these spaces are public and promote social relations to involve users.

International Competition

Taichung City Council

Lorena Alessio
Rosali Alessio

Silvio Marsanic
Nicola Rosato
Chiara Brusati
Elena Abbate
Veronica Comba,
Giulia Mondino
Francesca Lupo
Lee Wonseok
Bae Hyunjung


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