Park, Collider Acti vity Center, open air areas, and boulders constitute a space to be discovered whi le experiencing the whole site. The building itself offers opportunities of cl imbing. It resembles rocks and it can be experienced on different floors. People can walk around it, on the green paths or “climb” on it, going through the roof lane that crosses the enti re building allowing entrances at different levels, to each funct ion : the restaurant, the gym, Funtopia, the roof top bar, etc.

Resembling a system of rocks, the bui lding is part of the park, as much as the open air theatre, the boulders and Rocktopia . It is long and it permeates the site. Different paths, in the park, connect the site to the surrounding exist ing buildings.

The Collider Activity Center modifies the landscape and offers opportun ities for the posit ioning of other funct ions: the green-house, the swimming pool, the sun terrace. All these functions are visible from the street and invite people to enter and enjoy the space. The main entrance is open to the office bui lding and to a first wooden ramp offering the possibility to explore the Center from the top, on the roof. It permits a direct entrance to the roof-top bar, where a beautif ul terrace offers a panoramic view to the mountains.

The roof is treated as a landscape : wooden walkways, green areas, terraces and
coverings. From the roof, the green-house and the swimming pool are vi sible and
from there it is possible to reach Rocktopia. In order to walk to the main entrance of the sporting area you pass along the office bui lding ‘roc k’ and close to the restaurant. From the parking area, you find a path going to the main sporting area’s entrance and another cl imbing on the roof. The sporting area hall crosses vert ica lly al l the bu ilding, and it also permits people to enter from the roof path. A second secondary entrance is connected to the park on the West side. Inside the building, a long and irregu lar corridor let people to reach all the functions having singular views to the cl imbing areas and to the site. The main aim of the project is to let people live a special experience, whi le moving in and out of the Col lider Activity Center, enjoying sports, free time, nature and different faci lities. The tota l area of the project is about 8,000 square meters developed on six different levels in order to have a covered ratio of floor area not exceed ing 2000 square  meters.

International Competition


Lorena Alessio

Art director – Rosali Alessio
Marco Brizio
Silvia Marsanic
Elena Abbate
Chiara Brusati
Veronica Comba


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