Canale Vigolungo

Previous Next CVC – CANALE VIGOLUNGO (Canale d’Alba, Italy – 2019) STATUS2019 – In progress CLIENTVigolungo S.p.A. DESIGN TEAMLorena Alessio Julian Chavez RodriguezAttilio De PalmaSamuel FiolisLaura RodriguezAlessia Sciotto TOPIC Office, Showroom, Dry Architecture, Poplar Plywood, Research/Ricerca An innovative project carried out for the company E. Vigolungo S.p.A. which is a Piedmontese company specialized in the production […]


Previous Next ACCUPOLI (Accumoli, Italy – 2018) STATUS2016-2018 CLIENTH.E.L.P. 6.5 – Housing in Emergency for Life and People 6.5 DESIGN TEAMLorena Alessio Carola NovaraFrancesca TurnaturiChiara MezzasalmaHiroto KobayashiKeio University/KMDWAkira SuzukiA.S.A. TOPICTemporary Building, Comunity center,Dry Architecture, Plywood Accupoli is an experimental project, with a strong social impact, which indicates a moment of transition and rebirth for the […]