CVC - CANALE VIGOLUNGO (Canale d’Alba, Italy – 2019)

An innovative project carried out for the company E. Vigolungo S.p.A. which is a Piedmontese company specialized in the production of plywood and multilayers.

CVC is a 160sqm building designed with poplar plywood prefabricated elements, intended to house a large exhibition space and offices. The project promotes sustainability at every stage of the process: from poplar cultivation, production, and use of the structural components of the building, to the proximity of the raw materials used, the production facilities, and the building site. The poplar comes from lots managed in an eco-sustainable manner and entirely processed within the plant belonging to the company itself. At the end of the production process, the plywood panels are cut with CNC machines to obtain prefabricated elements to be interlocked, thus obtaining a dry, light, decomposable, and recyclable structure.

CVC is a research project, and the technological evolution of the structure developed in Accumoli, following the 2016 earthquake.

2019 – In progress

Vigolungo S.p.A.

Lorena Alessio

Julian Chavez Rodriguez
Attilio De Palma
Samuel Fiolis
Laura Rodriguez
Alessia Sciotto



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