• THE PLAN AWARD SPECIAL PROJECT – Saizeriya Corporate Identity of Restaurant’S Chain – 20 MAY 2015
  • THE CITYPLAN AWARD MASTERPLANNING – StilNovoCity – Taichung – 19  MAY 2015
  • FIRST PRIZE, invited competition, role: co-architect in Architectural Design and Interior Design for the re-styling of commercial spaces at FERRARI S.p.A., realized project with Benedetto Camerana, 2011 (construction ended in 2012)
  • FIRST PRIZE, invited competition, role: Main Architect for Interior Design and Multimedia, Consultant for the Architectural Design by Benedetto Camerana, New Spaces for restaurant and coffee shops on the top of TORRE LITTORIA, Turin, 2012
  • HONORABLE MENTION for ‘2012 International Urban Design Competition – Urban Re-development at Tainan Main Station Area – Tainan’, role: Main Architect, 2012
  • FIRST PRIZE for the Re-development of ex-Fiera Milano, role: Consultant as Design Manager for Archa S.p.A., project by Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki, Daniel Libeskind, Pier Paolo Maggiora, 2005
  • HONORABLE MENTION ‘Community bar’, ‘Design Cafè’, Epat, 2001, role: Co-Architect with Franco Rolle
  • COMPASSO D’ORO Winner, Rossa’, Interactive Exhibition, role: Graphics for N!03, 2011
  • SELECTION at the ART&com AWARD – Advertising Section iCONarts edition included in the International Contemporary Art with ‘Giochiamo in casa’, 2006, role: ideation and realization
  • THIRD PRIZE, Kartostrip Competition, ‘Postarendum’, 2002, role: ideation and realization