ATLAS PEINTURES (Fes, Morocco – 2020)

The project for Atlas Peintures in Fes consists of an office, showroom, and warehouse complex building. From a design perspective, the innovative facade and the interior design solutions are particularly appealing.

The new facade designed for Fes Atlas Peintures intends to define a profound relationship with traditional Moroccan architecture, presenting it in a contemporary light, with innovative viewpoints and cutting-edge technologies. Inspiration comes from colors of the Moroccan landscape, the skillful game of light and shade which give liveliness and clarity to volumes, and from the geometric order embodied by the use of materials: all main features of the local architecture.

The facade of the offices and the showroom is made of three independent layers (mesh, green oasis, external wall), creating a transitional space between the outside and the inside. The result is a building expressing visual continuity with the surrounding landscape and maintaining its own identity and intimacy. The warehouse houses a facade, albeit opaque, conceived with an innovative solution where the metal plates create a graphic continuity with the other facades.

The interiors incorporate the identity of the project, developing suggestive environments where shape and color define the exhibition areas and offices.

2020 – In progress

Atlas Peintures

Lorena Alessio

Samuel Fiolis
Julian Chavez Rodriguez
Francesca Maineri
Francesca Di Nuzzo

Graphics: Rosali Alessio

Alessia Sciotto


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